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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the Mighty Mover battery last?
    There are a number of variables to answer this question such as; the towed weight and the amount of time that the mover is used, the terrain being moved over etc. In the past we have demonstrated the mover basically using the mover to move all sorts of boats and caravans through out the day, when returned to our workshop charging the battery to full only took 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Does the Mighty Mover come with a battery charger?
    Yes, a fully automatic battery charger is included in the package. The charger plugs into a port on the side of the Mighty Mover battery box. The charger will maintain/charge the battery and turn itself off when the battery is fully charged. It is recommended to charge the battery after use and at least once a month when the mover is not in use for good battery maintenance practice.
  • What speed does the Mighty Mover move at?
    The Mighty Mover moves at approximately 1/2 adult walking speed. The final drive ratios can be adjusted (In factory) from 4:1 as standard to 2:1 which results in doubling the mover speed. this will reduce the power/torque of the mover, although in some cases this may be quite help full when moving lighter loads over longer distances.
  • Can we pay using a Credit Card
    Sorry, we don't accept Credit Cards but payment may be made by Bank Transfer from your bank account into ours. We'll email you all the information you'll need to place your order, simply send us your details by clicking send on our "Contact tab" in the menu bar.
  • How much weight can the Mighty Mover move?
    Our customers have reported moving 3200kg's on a tandem axel trailer over flat sealed ground. The maximum amount of weight towable may vary subject to the terrain encountered. Maximum traction at the Mighty Mover drive tires ensures safety during a maneuver which is paramount. If you would like to discuss your specific towing needs please feel free to call me at any time, I'm more than happy to have a chat - Vic on 021 703 476
  • What is the weight and the dimensions of the Mighty Mover?
    The Mighty Mover weighs 95 to 100kg's the dimensions are as follows; Length 930mm Width 630mm Height 600mm Handle 1110mm Tow ball to ground 430mm Note: The handle is able to pivot vertically saving space as required.
  • Can the Mighty Mover move a tandem axel trailer?
    Yes, the Mighty Mover is capable of moving a tandem axel trailer. However as anyone with a tandem axel trailer will know, to turn a tandem axel has its own challenges. Challenges caused by "Tire Scrub" where one axel fights the other axel during a turn creating resistance (energy) that fights against the mover when either pushing or puling the trailer through a turn. To mitigate this issue we recommend when moving through a turn to move in small increments until the turn is complete, thus reducing the energy developed or by using our "Positioning Jacks". Please see the "Products" tab above in the menu bar, their use will be explained in more detail.
  • Do I have to arrange my own delivery?
    We provide a quote for delivery and use MOVE freight for all our deliveries around New Zealand. In some cases where remote delivery addresses are required, it may be more economic for the customer to pick up their mover from a local freight depot. This is because delivery on the last part of the journey may be quite expensive and carried out by a freight agent. We are always happy to discuss delivery options with our customers to find the most cost-effective solution.
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