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Set of 2 x Jacks

$395.00 + GST

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At Movers n Tugs, we are dedicated to making your boat and caravan moving experience as smooth and easy as possible. Our state-of-the-art positioning jacks and equipment make it easy to maneuver and turn your tandem axle trailer, whether you're pulling a boat or a caravan. We believe that moving should be a stress-free experience, and our products are designed to make it just that.

Positioning Jacks
Positioning Jacks

Positioning Jacks

Perhaps you need to squeeze your boat or caravan into a tight space? Then you need our positioning jacks. Built from high quality steel and utilizing a heavy duty hydraulic lifting mechanism. These positioning jacks are capable of holding up to 680kg per wheel. That's enough to make them suitable for use with almost all boats and caravans. The jacks simply wrap around a wheel, and clamp the tire from the front to the rear until the vehicle is lifted off the ground. They are designed to fit tires of up to 300mm in width, and the jack itself has been designed with a large pad, allowing the user to operate the mechanism with their foot.
By placing a jack under each wheel and simply pumping the foot pump, the vehicle will raise onto the four 360 degree swivel castor wheels allowing you to easily maneuver your boat or caravan into otherwise impossibly tight areas or even spin the vehicle on the spot.

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