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Recommended Retail   $2,745.00 Incl. GST

Plus Freight calculated & charged on a case by case basis

MOVERS  n'TUGS manufacture the Mighty Mover and provide specialist advise on how to move, tow and park your boat, caravan and trailers


  • Adjustable heavy duty hitch,

  • New design laser cut canter-levered chassis, powder coated for years of corrosion protection.

  • Double wheeled rear casters, 4000lb 1.8HP motor, with clutch control for easy freewheeling.

  • Chain Drive with 4:1 final drive ratio.

  • Forward and reverse handlebar switch.

  • Wireless remote control.

  • Knobby tires for excellent traction.

  • 12 volt sealed battery.

  • Automatic Battery Charger.

  • Able to handle even the most demanding and difficult towing jobs.

Mighty Mover Operation

Take the back breaking hard work out of moving your boat, caravan, horse float or any heavy and difficult to move trailer.

The Mighty Mover runs on its own 12v battery power supply. It's designed for low speed maneuvering helping you park your boat, caravan or heavy trailer load into very tight areas where your car or truck can't go. Simply lower the coupling of your trailer down onto the Mighty Mover's tow ball and lock in place just as you would on the back of your vehicle. Then using the handlebar switch or remote control you can precisely park your trailer exactly where you want it.

Can be used over rough terrain, shingle, concrete, asphalt, wood, just about any level surface. Flat sealed surfaces provide for the best operating conditions. If you feel you have a difficult driveway, e.g. inclined, rough surface or any other issue that you feel may create poor towing surface/conditions we would be happy to provide advice on your best towing solution for your needs. Please contact us using the contact page tab above or ring Vic on 021 703 476

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